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The Real Deal On Optimizing Window 7 For SSD Boot


On a new boot I ran a command to update all the .net binaries. If you lose data, don't blame me. whether it's yet another fantasy of yours or a specific info from the PG. I updated with one disagreement, but really it's just a matter of personal preference concerning enabling or disabling indexing on drives. #10 Golgatha, May 4, 2010 Idontcare Elite Member Joined: weblink

The bits are strewn over available dies by the controller in the way it finds most efficient.The extent to which sequential reads appear faster than random reads is due to SSD First, yes, your SSD will get intelligently defragmented once a month. Regular quick formatting takes care of it. At the time it was hit/miss for actually fixing stuff, and was prone to gobbling up way more HDD space than you allocated to it. see this

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One of the most popular blog posts on the topic of defrag and SSDs under Windows is by Vadim Sterkin. nothing. The stats returned by ADM match those of other SMART tools I use. Kindly help! :cry: http://i.imgur.com/te19Y.png General Discussion No more real-time window resizing & moving?I noticed recently that when I try to resize or move a window, it shows a black border of

Now change SATA Mode to AHCI from IDE. Are you hiding more secret knowledge? :)Vadim SterkinThursday, 04 December 2014 18:08:53 [email protected] BailiffI guess you mean JDEC specifications, or End of Life Data Retention of 1 Year in manufacturers' terms.In How to Create Partitions after Windows XP Has Been Installed? Disable Prefetch Windows 10 In any case, your SSD doesn't suddenly poof and die, it slowly degrades/shrinks at the end of its life-cycle, but it doesn't have the catastrophic effect implied by your statement.

Restore a disk image? background cleaning might run on its own accord (many drives don't do it either, such as the intel SSDs)... These programs promise to optimize your SSD by shuffling files and running TRIM, but your operating system already TRIMs by default, and your SSD's firmware has "garbage collection" tools that performs http://www.helpwithwindows.com/Windows7/Optimize-Windows-7-for-use-with-Solid-State-Drive.html Turn Off Hibernation - Gets you 3Gb of valuable SSD space back.

Is this because I also have mechanical drives in the system? Windows 10 Ssd Size I have several VHDX files on the SSD. Some people argue System Restore is bad because it causes writes to your drive and takes up space, but these really aren't problems you should worry about, as we explained. (Also, System While TRIM (retrim) is a separate concept from fragmentation, it is still handled by the Windows Storage Optimizer subsystem and the schedule is managed by the same UI from the User's

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How to Get Best Performance from SSD in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 One Tip on Using Solid State Drive – Use It as System Disk We had better use here Oh and if you really want to be shameless you will even go so far as to write posts redirecting web traffic to your blog with follow-up instructions that they click Ssd Settings Windows 10 If the FS weren't so limited, the SSD would happily keep running with files as fragmented as you please, without the performance drop seen on traditional hard drives.Joshua OchsThursday, 04 December Windows 10 Ssd Trim My System Specs OS Windows 7 Pro x64 ldelossa View Public Profile Find More Posts by ldelossa 05 May 2012 #6 ignatzatsonic Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, 64-bit 12,064 posts

is also hilariously wrong. have a peek at these guys I've had both of these types of things trigger a reactivation in Windows, so I wait until all system drivers are installed and virtual drives are up and running before activating It can also make a difference if you have a decent computer, but a crappy graphics card. Knowing which files to delete can be tricky though. Windows 10 Ssd Install

That's because each cell of flash memory on the drive only has a limited number of writes before it can't be written to anymore. But just because Microsoft hasn't commented or documented something doesn't make it a bug. That will help a lot more than disabling the boot logo. check over here This is not only about windows.

I hope they will be back soon.Vadim SterkinSaturday, 06 December 2014 03:48:06 UTCVadim - Some thing happened and I've lost comments on the last TWO blog posts. Windows 10 Ssd Optimization Reddit And you are correct when readjusting services if the system is trying to access the service for any reason this is actually slow down your boot, however, like I said I I still feel that the semi-official answer was a made-up one, and did not help to clear the confusion at all, I personally am as uncomfortable whats the truth ad I

Talking about space, free space on an SSD drive is the best way to guarantee endurance.

It's true: SSDs only have a limited amount of writes before they start to fail. Zoeff said: ↑ I never enabled AHCI mode on my SSD and it doesn't seem to be possible to enable it after installing win7 on it. (Doesn't boot) What am I The only gotcha is that it does take up disk space, and of course can slow stuff down a bit during installs and such. Ssd Optimization Tool If your SSD is small like 120GB or less, we highly suggest turning this feature off or transferring page file to another drive, which is in long term good for SSD

I cannot explain why, but reading through this story and the partial snippets Scott glued together from that secret product group replies makes me feel there is some level of BS You'll have to Google around a bit to see if your BIOS supports it or you can enter the BIOS by pressing F2 or whatever key it tells you on startup. Common advice found elsewhere on the web is: place your pagefile on a spindle disk instead of the SSDClick to expand... this content However, if you migrated Windows from HDD or SSD to SSD or once changed partition size and location on SSD, your partitions might be misaligned.

DUN DUN DUN.... Tweet Your New Findings 5 Methods for SSD Optimization in Windows 10/8/8.1/7 Here, we provide users with 5 ways to optimize SSD performance. It should be noted that it has never been mentioned in professional review sites such as anandtech or PcPer; but several people here say they have seen it personally. Except we've now learned that there are certain file system limits (something I was not aware of), like a maximum number of fragments.

You could achieve fewer writes by not saving temporary files to your SSD—for example, you could redirect your browser cache and PhotoShop scratch disk to a mechanical hard drive—but this will A traditional (SATA 3.0Gb/s) hard disk can these days be bought for prices around $0.08 to $0.15 per GB for 'value' drives, while high performance drives will cost around $0.50 to How do you know if window 7 home premium is real or not? Some of the items I have disabled include floppy disk drives and controllers, bluetooth controllers and radios, modems and virtual Wifi adapters.

DON'T defrag your SSD! TRIM lets the operating system notify the SSD that a page is no longer in use and this hint gives the SSD more information which results in fewer writes, and theoretically Indexing exists to allow people to shave time off of a search at the cost of constant access.