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help HP deskjet 710C wont print from 7 machine

Possible to move where pinned items are on taskbar?

Dual monitors keep reverting to default positions

Installing a Fresh Win 7 OEM on Same Orginal Laptop

Please Help With Me Create My Homegroup.

Storage USB devices driver issue

Keyboard / Mouse Issues

BSOD following 9/28 Win update

Help : Windows7x64Ultimate(Wifi)+Windows7x32(Lan) Homegroups & Sharing

Windows Media Player random stuttering

File Explorer not showing recent folders

Windows 7 Profession update to Windows 10 ( Anyway to check via KEY? )

My homegroup is corrupted and works until next reboot -- info inside

Programs keep opening below the taskbar

Forced updates?

BSOD occurring sorta randomly

digital sound issue

nvddmkm.sys driver issue I'm getting a bsod

cannot determine/repair startup issue or use external restore points'

PC takes around 10 minutes or less to fully boot

Mini-icons on taskbar doesn't appear

Sharing a copy of Win7 OEM without licence key. Against forum rules?

Search bar on taskbar?

Constant shutdowns and restarts before log in

made guest account adminstrator cant change my account to adminstrator

Can't output to two devices now on Windows 7?

Windows 10 upgrade question

Timed Shortcut for sleep/hibernation?

System shutting down during logon

August 10 updates from MS?

Do you recommend Windows Firewall?

windows updates set to off

BSODs and Freezing

Unable to disable audio for HDMI in playback devices panel

Excessive RAM use

recent update has broken programs

Installing Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 on 2TB Drives

Setup.exe Is't Showing in Auto play

BSOD : 7a Error code AND Blue screen second time

Sound problem perrsists even after new sound card

Windows 10 and AMD phenom ii compatibility

Custom toolbars show icons when I lock the taskbar

Random Crash when closing out a program.

Rear'Microphone' and 'Line in' Sound recording devices are unavailable

Sandboxie compatible again!

ISO: Transparent Window(s) Until Mover Over

Magnifier is ON each time PC boots - How to prevent this ?

I can't install anything that is related with msi or windows installer

Removing colons from taskbar?

After IE 10 update browser does not launch

Screen turns off after being idle

missing login screen

Hide empty drives in the Computer folder

Possible Ram issue with Win7 install?

New taskbar

How to restore Win 7 Pro System sounds? corrupted!?

Issue with Netgear RangeMax wireless USB adapter drivers

HP H8-1234 Desktop PC Hard Drive Keeps Running

Updates of 8/12/14 make pc crash

Random BSOD's with a new desktop PC

BSOD while installing a game and opening CoreTemp

Homegroup Issues

lost origin cd win7 i have key can i use pirate version with my key?

Turn Off Display time gets reset; doesn't stick

Moving MBR to Windows 7 drive

IoGear GBU321 gives an error after installing updates.

3 Updates keep failing for about a week

i cant record sounds!

Computer won't sleep

Problem with network adapter driver.

Problems after M/S Update

Windows trash is acting strangely at startup.

Change Adobe Flash full screen taskbar icon

Unable to hide icon of taskbar

When starting win 7 the speaker makes noise until audio driver is used

WPA option not showing up

BSOD while "downloading"

Windows Mail Installation Help Please

Windows taskbar won't auto hide

BSOD hal.dll driver from dmp. Need to see if that's the only issue

UPGRADE version: Can you a do a 'clean' install

Win 7 Docs & Settings folder rights changed in Win 10 - no no boot

What the Hell is up with all these Updates?

StartButton for Small Taskbar

BSOD Random Opening of Programs/Files

Problem with desktop icons selection

Windows 10 Update "Removal"

BSOD during games.

Windows partition and Windows folder on different drives

Windows seven installed on a single partition?

error code on upgrade install

Cannot Open Unless Administator. . . But I AM the Administrator!

Copying a Windows Backup

Please help windows is not working

Wireless headphones give no sound after new Monitor Installation

Network Adapter Problem

Gaming BSOD - driver_irql_not_less_or_equal

Constant freezes and crashes . . . not sure what to try next


Audio and Sound Fail to Activate

Upgrading to win7 questions

share media with devices is not available

Kill Process from start panel program's context menu[right-click]

When my laptop wakes up.

Very Important File Got Deleted After I Updated Windows

can I set automatic window refresh?

Ran SFC Scan and found a corrupt file . Windows Explorer keeps crashin

BSOD caused with a torrents of ID 7001 errors


Re-build PC then re-install. Lic Key ?

Need help with BSOD - Custom build with updated drivers

Graphics or Windows problem - not sure

Did not let me sign in to the windows startup screen

Windows Explorer columns

Computer randomly freezes and BSODs

Extremely high ram usage after using the laptop for some time.

Change Default Start Menu

BSOD's / Virtualbox

Windows 10 upgrade advisor is interrupting windows updates !

Windows Upgrades after Restoration

Norton 2009 products now work with windows 7!

Hang after sleep. Can't find a solution that works

How do I get control over what my network configuration does?

Hide icons and notifications

Please help lost administrator user account folder

Looking for windows 7 classic start menu black

Please Help Me Slow Down My Computer

Internet problem after upgrade

Strange Windows 7 beta power management issue.

BSODs occurring with semi-regular frequency

Copy dialogs pop up over Confirm File Replace Dialog

Power options resetting at shutdown

PC does not SLEEP

Problem with computer showing no virus protection

Taskbar mouse pointer disappearance issue

Exit Windows sound will not accept my wav file

Sound card drivers problem?

New Member Random BSODs

BSOD System crashing daily

Search from taskbar appends http:// / to single words

Random BSOD Pc FReze.

Random BSOD. Only during desktop/idle not while gaming.

Windows 7 Multiple Audio Playback Setup

How to save the desktop icon settigs to guarantee they stay unchanged?

Resolution issue

Machine randomly crashing constantly

From Windows7 to Windows10

Updates that require restart doom my pc. Constant system recovery

Weird sound card problem

Devices and Printers Icons

New system crashing

Taskbar stuck!

Can I set up a private homegroup on a shared network?

Ghost monitor left in control panel after testing three monitors

Fresh install

Unable to Import BCD Backup Using CMD

Can't connect to the internet after locking / unlocking my computer

BSOD when using uTorrent on 64Win7

Problems deleting emails after upgrading to Wind 10 then uninstalling

USB Root Hub Wakes Machine at Random Times? Not A Clue Why.?

Sound Driver Installed but Not Working

Audio Laggs / Distorts

How to use the Public File Folder in Win7 several questions on setup

wrecking windows updates!

How does consent.exe function in Win 7

Bsod netio.sys crash because of uTorrent

BSOD - ntfs.sys 0x50

My Samsung laptop keeps restarting after driver install

BSOD- Kind of Random (Typically when i plug something in using USB)

Is the Windows 10 upgrade free?

Kernal Power error 41 in event log

I tried enabling hibernate function but no luck

Computer freezing (no BSOD) - hard disk or graphics card?

My registry is gone?!

I've got shortcut icons instead of locked icons on protected folders

problem with rolling back to Win7 from Win10

Home Group and Network Issues

2 monitors not showing display

Using Windows 7 twice on same PC

keystoke skipping?

Random BSODs

Computer Freezes Without BSOD

HP Pavilion Synaptic Touchpad scrolling stopped working

Problems generating a report with System diagnostics

always getting failed updates

Constant soft hangs

BSOD (randomly) error 0x00000109

Windows 7 Crashes. No BSOD at all

Windows HomeGroup Not Offered on Install

Audio device disappeared

Start Menu Search missing.

How to install updates without installing Win 10 yet?

upgraded to win 7 - now unusably slow and lagging

Homegroup Troubles

Start Menu Search bug

Windows turns down the sound of YouTube and no other website.

BSOD during sleep state 0x0000009f

every 30 minutes my open program minimizes

Disable transparency for taskbar only?

How do I fix window corrupted files?

idiotic keyboard question mark key types ?

When Starting/shutting windows 7 a flash(black screen) and not in sync

Domain User login not remembering desktop & settings

Hardware device issue

Icon Files Displayed as Thumbnail View in Windows Explorer 256/512/768

BSOD D1 possibly portcls.sys related

Desktop gets locked when closing windows.

What is the deference between sleep & hibernate ?

Sound stutters and crackles

Screen saver (screensaver) never comes on

Windows 7 Sounds very thin and quiet.

Windows is in sleep

Partition Sizd

Cannot boot upgrade CD

Win 7 Crashing - No error

Any USB device's (except USB keys) drivers are being installed

windows keeps re installing HD graphics driver after i uninstall it

Auto Logon and Lock

Computer freezing and crashing problem.

Updated drivers (including Realtek) - now no sound

Preventing PC Usage Between Certain Hours: How ?

Mutliple BSOD's on start up and random. Minidumps attached

slow opening folders and files

Win 7 OEM License - Changing Motherboard & Processor


Installation won't show

Nvlddmkm.sys one day after freshly reinstalling system

unable to view drives in navigation pane

Computer freezes completely when using uTorent

PC wakes immediately after sleep

Daily Crash/BSOD

Newly created user accounts cant login to Windows 7

BSOD Memory Management when using torrent downloader

windows 7 \ windows 10 install after getting windows 10

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Randomly Freezes without BSOD

bottom taskbar

Certain Programs are blurry

Back with sound problems again

No sound through HDMI but no option to choose it as default

Realtek high definition - bad sound quality

Windows 7 Surround Sound using Incorrect Speaker Channels

Phenom product retail or OEM?

Only shows wallpaper after resuming from display/sleep

windows 10 upgrade. How long do i have?

How Do i make laptop boot fast. taking much time on HP logo screen

PC Freeze at Startup due to Bittorrent

Any way to get tray icons to stack up in windows7?

Windows License Summary (Quick Comparison Chart)

System autoboots in sleep/hibernate

BSOD when using the internet after Windows update + other issues

Random BSOD's during gameplay

Managed to join homegroup but.

windows 7 doesnt like my ram

Latest Microsoft updates on windows 7 stops Internet Explorer

help with bsod reading mini dump

Windows 7 wont start - onto 5th reinstall in one day!

How Can I Disable Taskbar Thumbnail Preview?

Microsoft games that came with computer aren't working

BSOD's please help

my network adapter not response . help

STILL having problems with screen freezes

Windows 7 display looks "strange"

Set up dual audio on windows 7?

Windows explorer randon freeze on three computers on my Homegroup

My Desktop has tumbled over

Win 10 upgrade on Win 7 volume (site?) license install?

Headphones and speaker recognized as only one device

Access problems after rebuilding admin account

Ram halved by windows

Running older progs in Win 7

Windows Update Error (Error in ScreenShot)

User Permissions for Programs

Desktop Hourglass And Arrow Icon Question/Problem ?

Time Is Always Off; I Have To Keep Resetting It

Glitch in making a new account

HELP! Software will not install on 7

Taskbar shows text when the mouse is not on the taskbar

Windows Update Breaks RealTek Audio

Windows 7 random wifi connection issues

Activation problem?

Set first image as Folder preview.

10 upgrade not happening

how can i disable window 10 upgrade?

Random BSOD slower computer start up time too

New installation win 7. Problem with Asus dipslay card

10 reasons why it is worth the upgrade to Windows 7

[Need Help] Bubbles screensaver background blurred

Windows goes mute after 5 minutes and comes back after reboot

BSOD Need support with dmp files

svchost.exe causing computer to automatically wake from sleep mode

Audio problem

these programs showed up when I searched live update for an uninstall.

Clean install issue

Updates not auto installing

Computer won't start after changing Sata Controller to Compatibility

BSOD/freezes after boot

I want to use win7 "forever" and never upgrade to win10

bitlocker failure

Windows Update Deleted my files?

1680x1050 not there!

Very Sporadic BSOD

fix sfc errors

Secpol.msc / Network security workaround

Computer crashes - H-E-L-P!

text is too small after installing new windows

Bluetooth adapter issue - it exists but it doesn't work

computer wont recognize original graphics card for dual monitors

Dual Boot Windows 7/ Windows 10 - UEFI

Missing "All Programs" Button

Internet doesn't automatically re-connect after Log Off?

new ati drivers don't work

M/S Defender and your Antivirus.

W7 activation -- new MOBO fine but LAN connection wants activation

cmd /a - does not give ANSI support.

After one minute of inactivity screen gets black and Windows lock

Bsod(memory_management) after hardware update

How to edit minimize maximize close button ?

BSOD after getting very slow and freezes during random Process

Memory issues win 7 64 bit - Driving me crazy

Hard drive icon located twice!

Computer doesnt remember settings

Open Explorer in C:\ without expanded tree

My pc is trying to install Windows 10!

Windows Key Shortcut Customization

I have created local User in my systems but when i login to that user

How can I stop these random restarts?

Windows crashes

Sleep Mode - User Button in middle of screen on wakeup

Speeding up updates on fresh install?

Changing Logon Screen button color

Help installing custom themes/taskbar!

New usb wireless adapater keeps turning off with errors.

StandBy / Hibernation off - Computer still powers off.

fuzzy system tray icons on 2560x1440 120 dpi

Recent random BSOD's

Windows 7 I tunes Incompatability

Change to taskbar notification is not permanent

How to kill AudioSvr - No GPedit

Random BSOD/Freezing issue

Seriously upset. Latest update rolled back my PC

Permissions issue? No desktop icons or system tray icons.

Saving Window Size and Position Between Different Monitors

Installer dont detect my raid array

Not connecting to the network

Interrupted scans and disabled antivirus after Windows Startup Repair

installing issue

Programs Minimizing // Losing Focus

Appearance in windows

Delete in Windows Explore extremely slow

drive letter partition was changed after clean install

Problem : folder closing automatically

how do i get rid of windows 10 upgrade notificaitons

How to stop Windows 7 from writing desktop.ini files everywhere?

PC crashing

Best Practices for User Account Type and UAC?

HD crush uttorent problem .

Clean Install - VAIO Driver = Problem with battery

Laptop cannot see NAS

Which folder stores background images?

Mic Problem (Conexant HD Smart Audio 221)

WMP11 Play Audio through different device than Default?

Windows 10 cant update "something happened"

Windows 7 keeps waking up on its own!

BSOD atikmpag.sys no joy after trying other fixes.

Need i to roll back to Windows 2000Pro to get a smart Operating System

Some programs won't launch on new build

Problems after installation on a SSD

Clean after install?

All Programs Crashing at random intervals causing BSOD

got problem after installed intel graphics adapter

keystrokes causing windows7 popups when using ie9 or Word 2007

how can i know if w7 did optimaze boot defrag and Prefetch data?

Why is my Windows 7 SEARCH in the File Manager so screwed up?

Having issues with all web browsers. Window disappears to the right.

The real deal on optimizing window 7 for SSD boot

Clock is incorrect each time I log on

How do you turn off jump lists?

internet connection problem after system sleeps

No BSOD but freezes constantly has to be hard restarted everytime

network window freezes

PC slowing drastically after short idle

Internet drops after Windows re-installation

Can't upgrade to Windows 10

Desktop doesn't refresh.

Upgrading to Windows 10: How to keep same look on desktop and tak bar?

I get the BSOD when I reboot and I am asked to do system restore!

Is OneDrive too unreliable on Windows 7 (or everywhere?)

Indexing Only Index Small Number of Files

sleep shortcut

Setting or Resetting Drive Number in a New Install

Windows logoff option bar not showing and computer is slow

Installing Windows 10 on Multiple Devices?

Starting to HATE Windows 7

Why won't the taskbar auto-hide?

No control over Windows Folder with admin

Location sensor missing after uninstalling Windows 10

Windows OEM 32-bit bought by accident

Windows won't allow password change in 2nd user account?

Locking position of maximized windows?

Make folders default to "general items" optimization

Quickly switch default audio from speakers to HDMI and visa versa

Not able to use bitlocker

Homegroup not showing all network computers

Recurring issues with automatic updates

recurrent BSOD after launching games.

Cant delete old backups on renamed computer.

Recent Places add to Start Menu and Taskbar?

Stop restoring PC

Problems With Outlook After Upgrade From XP to 7

How to automatically hibernate after sleep?

I search c: drive

Creating New Folder - Very Long Wait Time

Windows Will Not Start Today

Losing internet connection and/or WLAN

If Canon or printer manufacturer does not provide a 64bit driver

Windows randomly freezing without BSOD

Windows Update crashes!

How do I change the icon's position when I download to my desktop?

Sharing a folder to a Vista computer.

Random freezes and boot issues

How do I regain Admin privileges?

how can I display 300 desktop shortcuts?

How can I hide updates?

Would Windows 7 have a chance at running on this PC?

PC crashes when in sleep mode for extended period

logon background changed but not working

Which programs can I remove from startup for better CPU performance?

BSOD using uTorrent

BSOD - Now can't access Windows - HELP!

Is it possible to upgrade from Win 7 OEM to retail?

Can't find RAID driver

Frozen Task Bar

I cannot open pinned shortcuts from the task bar

Installing Windows 7 with Parallels and activation?

Scedule Task is Waking my PC every 5 minutes.

Can I configure Windows Explorer to use a single program icon?

Log on screen not showing password option

problems with my computer lost everything

BSOD: when idle restarts. screen goes black

BSOD's and random blackout reboots

pinning icons on right side?

Help with HomeGroup Issues

Updates install even though it's set not to.

Which Mictrosoft Corp. Service is killing my boot time?

Cannot delete or rename file until closing and reopening of browsers

cmd can't fix some corrupted files

Help me decide if I should upgrade to Windows 10

What replaced msconfig

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