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How To Keep My Surround Sound Headphones Configured To 7.1 Not 5.1?

These days you can't find drivers, they don't answer emails or calls....and their products are low quality.

Yeah they used to be great, if they get some good management and push You try using SURCODE DTS and Gold wave software for converting a stereo file into user defined 5.1 DTS file. What exactly costs this much? The image above is the final step for configuring your speakers through Windows. http://webgeninfosystems.com/how-to/hmdi-5-1-sound-through-tv-receiver.html

huh?I've listened to good quality stereo headphones and its a different beast from these that i'm testing.So I just tried the DPX21 (D = digital, so this unit has a fiber Please check the Razer Surround icon in Synapse. Definitely returning these.The last hope is the Delta. solution Razer Kraken 7.1 Surround Sound USB Gaming Headset Static Noise When Playing Audio. my review here

Irish_PXzyan said: ↑ Also you mention it's up to the headphones or DSP to upmix stereo to virtual 5.1, are you referring to Creatives SBX surround feature or would this virtual Do you see anything like this? Also, most games actually don't even use 7.1, they use 5.1 or stereo.trastamad03Umm, not sure what 'headphone' setting you're referring to... Immitation vs true.So...

I'm honestly not sure if the TurtleBeach PX5's were multi speakers, but dang.. I don't want to waste money on headphonesseanmcloughlinThe problem is that speakers force others to hear what you're hearing too. When you connect a USB audio device, you should notice that in the Windows audio devices you have a separate audio device named specifically for the USB device you have connected. the sound card can also do the virtual surround sound even better than the g35s , i don't actually use such features as the sound stage of the 558s is good

Have you invested in an amplifier yet? I know that all of the speakers are working because I get excellent surround sound when I have the three coloured jacks connected to the corresponding sockets in the back panel You can't tweak your sound with equilizer. official site Any advice would be lovely!

I keep hearing people talking about how they have 7.1 headsets and the 5.1 headset setting is bugged in GO. About Valve | Business Solutions | Steamworks | Source Engine | Cyber Cafés | Jobs © 2014 Valve Corporation. Which makes me wonder if these people either have a bad sound card, like they're just using integrated. I'm happy now...

Usually the PC versions audio will be worse because a game publisher isn't going to pay a few hundred thousand pounds for a one off licence for Dolby Digital or DTS, http://www.razersupport.com/software/surround/ This seems likely to be a bug: some of their earlier drivers offered this, and the drivers offer many *other* modes that upmix and modify stereo audio output, just not a You might want to try the latest drivers from the Realtek website to see if they have fixed this. Does anyone think that this may work ?

I can’t select my 7.1 audio device (or a certain audio device) on my Razer Surround device list. ferret-gamerMember Since: February 16, 2008Posts: 17476ferret-gamerFollowForum Posts: 17476Followed by: 0Reviews: 2 Stacks: 0Forum Karma: 0#42 Posted by ferret-gamer (17476 posts) - 4 years, 9 months ago [QUOTE="Elann2008"][QUOTE="ferret-gamer"]Ok, i have a question things would sound fantastic! Those you mentioned, do they do 7.1?

Not the way headsets do.

Reply to haloguy1999 m 0 l ccampy February 6, 2016 10:46:34 AM As you have been told the regualer sound test will not output surround sound only stero Have you actually You can get better sound by spending $450 , instead of just $90.? It's usually in the upmix process from 2 channels to 5 channels the quality degrades because of the compression involved. check over here Is there any sort of shielding for the sound card or cord i can get?

because analogue component has been abandoned for the new and far more prevalent digital hdmi so older things are now sent through two channels into a compressed format encoded with multiple I have started playing on my PS4 for the past few days and I must say I really do notice the difference in sound quality over most pc games out there, This only works if you have the matrix switch enabled which allws the speaker hardware to send to all speakers HotharMar 16, 2010, 1:34 AM Download http://www.foobar2000.org/?page=Download go into preferences/playback/dsp manager

I loved them..

After a couple searches i am assuming that my soundcard is picking up EMI interference from my GPU, since it is in the slot right above the GPU(My mobo is small i'm terrified that they will break. this was just the solution that worked for me. I would know..

I wanna get this fixed, because while the speakers are playing surround sound, windows isn't detecting it, and registers it as a stereo set up. I had the G35. You really don't have a clue about sound, and I'm considered an amateur...when it comes to sound.$450? I do assume that I should have windows set to stereo as that's all I need for surround sound and that indeed appears to be true but I've done plenty of

No stage sound. Reply to andyman1 alexoiuJan 15, 2013, 7:28 PM Hi, Not accustomed also with this system, but you can buy an extension cable and testhttp://www.avalive.com/NTI/sa25-12-mf/170193/productDetail.php .It seems that's the way to go.However