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BSOD after a few secs (0x50 and 0x3b and maybe more)

BSOD after installing a D-Link Dual Band USB adapter

BSOD after 12 hours of running

Bsod after changing the video card. atikmdag.sys

BSOD after updating my Blackberry while plugged in USB

BSOD after verifier.exe Kernel Power Event ID:41

BSOD after woke up from sleep mode in Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit.

BSOD after inserting new USB flash drive

bsod after attempting activate vmware

BSOD after unplugging power cable by mistake while playing Css.

BSOD after enabling Verifier.exe making debug difficult

BSOD after changing Spotify settings - ATK Hotkey ElanTPCfg64.exe

BSOD after lightning strike and during uninstallation

BSOD after cold start.

BSOD after fresh install of windows 7 x54 (IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL)

BSOD after recent Logitech/Sidewinder X4 installs

BSOD after fresh install of Windows 7 (while playing Battlefield 3)

BSOD after fresh Windows 7 Installation - CDD.DLL

BSOD after reboot because Norton wasn't working

BSOD after selecting Hibernate in Windows 8 Pro x64

BSOD after a few minutes (5 to 55 minutes) with Samsung SSD 840 EVO

BSOD After playing H1Z1 for 30 minutes with new computer

BSOD after clicking dubious video link

BSOD after closing iTunes error 0x0000007e

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